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Sun Life Financial Centre

Sun Life Financial Centre

Project Overview

Location: Ontario


The building is a commercial complex consisting of three towers, two seventeen storeys and one twenty storeys. Three towers are inter connected by a shopping concourse on ground floor and by four levels of underground parking


Fire Alarm System upgrade using new addressable networked system


  • Perform major retrofit of the entire building without disturbing the building operation and causing inconvenience to the occupants.
  • Migration from old system to the new system with no downtime.
  • Complex sequence of operation due to multiple towers


The solution was to provide a Notifier-Net Fire Alarm System consisting of twenty one (21) Notifier Onyx series panels, a Central Alarm and Control Facility (CACF) and a Graphical ONYXWORKS workstation. The emergency evacuation portion of the project used distributed digital amplifiers and automatic digitized messages. New addressable devices were installed throughout the building. Existing audible devices (speakers) were reused.

All the panels were installed first using new wiring. After the system was fully configured the transfer of the system was performed one floor at a time during the night shift. Al testing and sounding of alarm was done during off hours. Flexibility of Notifier panels and use of logical equations made complex operating sequence easy.

The project was completed in two years and was approved by the authorities without any complication.

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